Do the Curtains and Curtain Rods Stay?

Curtains, curtain rods, drapes, valances, and shades.

You guys, these five things convey with the property.

If you want to keep your curtains and curtain rods, then you need to make sure that your agent excludes them from the sale — your agent better list them on page one under exclusions.

Otherwise, those curtains, curtain rods, shades,
valance, and drapes are going to the new owner.

Page one is always a common misconception if your agent isn’t addressing these things with you prior to you submitting the offer — I’ve seen this over the years so many times,

That’s why I feel it is so important to have this conversation with sellers before we list the property for sale.

I have a list of items that I ask the seller, what they are keeping, what stays, and what goes. So I make sure that we address this right up front in the very beginning.

So, page one of the contract — if you learn anything from these videos, read page one.

- Cori Radley


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