Is There Cell Service?

Something you need to think about when purchasing your first farm and ranch property — cell service.

You need to pick up your cell phone and you need to see how many bars of service that you do have.

I know that the intention is to go out to nature and leave all that behind. The reality is a lot of times you utilize your cell phone to be able to get in contact with somebody else who is on your property that you can’t put your eyeballs on.

Your kids, are they running around on the property and you don’t have your eyeballs on them? How are you gonna get a hold of them? Are you gonna get some two-way radios, walkie talkie that are for long-range? More than likely you’re gonna use a cell phone.

If you are out in the middle of nowhere and somebody gets hurt and you want to make an emergency phone call, can you do that? You’re gonna have to get in your vehicle and drive two miles down the road just to get cell service.

Some of you will say you know I really want to purchase this property it’s great that it doesn’t have cell service because I don’t want my kids on their phone. You really need to check that out before you go and spend a lot of money that you have saved on your dream property and not take into consideration some of these modern conveniences that we most certainly rely on have become part of our daily lives.

If you’ve watched several of my videos you know that there are several things that you might not think of that you need to take into consideration before you purchase a rural property.

- Melanie


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