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Living on a Farm or Ranch? Expect Critters!

So when some people move out to a rural area and they’ve never lived out here before — well, maybe they’ve just never owned a property outside of the city limits of any city — especially if they’re located next to a property that is hay or they grow, you know, rice, corn, cotton, any of the major crops that are grown around here.

(You know people always ask about snakes because I’ve told you that) But, they ask about snakes, and I always tell them as soon as they’re shelling that corn over there, you’re gonna have mice! And they always look at me and go, “Oh, what? Even mice?” And well, sometimes, it’s gonna be really big rats.

I’m not trying to deter them from buying that property! I just don’t want later after the fact to see them and they say, ‘Cori, you sold us a house that was infested with rats!’, and that is not the truth.

They’re buying a property out in a rural area. They’re always gonna have critters of some sort — mice, rats — those come when the neighboring property start harvest.

So, just make sure you’re aware if you live out in a rural area or you live in the country and you see mice. Especially if nobody’s ever told you this and you’re not aware and you think something’s wrong with your property!

Nothing’s wrong with your property!
You get what you wanted you wanted — to live out in a rural area out in the country with nature…and she’s there.

- Cori Radley


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