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Tip for New Ranch Owners: Look Down!

When I show farm and ranch property to someone who has never owned a rural property and they have mainly lived in a major metropolitan area —

and I love showing those properties to families because when the kids get there, they immediately get out of the car. They’re doing this the whole time — they’re doing this — they’re looking up at the trees and the birds! You’re never looking at anything down.

I always make sure to tell the families know your surroundings. And by that, the most important thing, you need to be looking down.

And why are we looking

Because we are looking for critters. Critters that aren’t the cute fuzzy little bunnies. We’re actually looking for a fire ant bed that you might step in or some animal scat — which scat is droppings!

You’re looking for animals and plants that can hurt you.

There are snakes. Lots of snakes.

If you have recently purchased a farm and ranch property and you are out in rural Texas, this is one thing you need to make sure that you teach your kids. Always pay attention to where their feet go.

Could be a hole that an armadillo
dug up and they get their legs stuck. Who the heck knows? There’s all kinds of things.

Make sure that you look down.

- Cori Radley


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