“For Sale” Sign Confusion

Somebody has been the listing agent on a property, and then next thing you know,
they see that it’s got a different real estate agent
sign up with a “SOLD” sign.

“Ooh, what happened?”
“What happened to so-and-so?”
“Weren’t they the listing agent?”
“Something must have happened! I mean, now your sign is there.”

We’re only allowed to advertise on a piece of property that represents our client. So when you’re the listing agent, your sign is up the entire time. And the day of closing, we are supposed to remove our signs from that property.

If you want to be completely technical,
it should be at the exact same moment
that they fund the loan or fund the transaction, but we’re not going to be that technical.

The buyer’s agent, the agent who represented the buyer, can go stick their sign out in the yard.

There are some real estate agents who will take the listing agent sign out of the yard themselves
and put their sign in.

Me, if somebody represents a buyer or seller, I don’t care. We can all put our signs.

I know what the rules are.
I know what they say.

I don’t know if it happens to be because we live in a small town, but yes, a lot of people will think,

‘”Wat the heck happened on that deal?”

“I mean, it was so so-and-so had that listing the whole time. I mean, what happened, Cori?”

And I always tell them, we closed and they had to remove their sign and I get to advertise my sign there. However, to me personally, the sign is the last thing that I worry about.

All I care about is sharing it on social media!

- Cori Radley


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